2020 Virtual Summer Camp

This summer, Bridge to Freedom School will host a three-week VIRTUAL literacy program held July 14, 2020 to July 31, 2020. The program is designed to empower children, igniting in them a passion for learning. On average, children lose 1-2 months of classroom learning every summer. Summer learning loss can affect all students, but studies indicate that literacy intensive efforts such as Bridge to Freedom Schools improve outcomes. As part of empowering our children, we refer to them as scholars throughout the program. This brings a level of responsibility as well as a confidence boost to each child. A positive name encourages positive outcomes throughout the program. A person cannot be a scholar without putting effort into it. This also raises the children’s view of themselves. They are seen as someone of high value and each day they prove us right. During the duration of Virtual Bridge to Freedom School, scholars will participate in workshops designed to expand their thinking; from differentiated activities, grade-level Zoom meetings, to conversations on current social topics, and spiritual chats, they are learning to love learning!


Watch our 2020 Summer Virtual Camp Video!


2020 Incentive Program