Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.)

We partner with Y.O.U. by serving as an employer for their summer jobs program. Y.O.U. serves teens living in families at or below the poverty level – the income earned helps teens and their families. The summer jobs program provides a constructive opportunity and a safe environment for teens to work and learn.  During our Bridge To Freedom School program, teens are employed as junior leaders and receive leadership training and an opportunity to serve and mentor younger youth within our program.

Cuyahoga Community College

We partner with Cuyahoga Community College by serving as a worksite for their Summer Internship Program. Students gain valuable career experience by working with us and serving as Program Coordinators for our Bridge To Freedom School program. The interns are also instrumental in providing Cuyahoga Community College exposure, including campus tours, for the youth participating in our program.

Catholic Charities

During our Bridge To Freedom School program, Catholic Charities Summer Food Program provides two daily free, nutritious meals to help children 18 and younger get the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow throughout the summer months when they are out of school.


We partner with MyCom in working to empower and provide growth opportunities for youth. They assist us in promoting community awareness and participation in our Bridge To Freedom School and Winterfest programs. Working together we have provided youth with exposure and growth opportunities including community service, field trips to historical sites, and events.

2020 Virtual Bridge to Freedom School Highlights

Summer 2020 we hosted a VIRTUAL Bridge to Freedom School! The program was designed to empower children, igniting in them a passion for learning. During the duration of Virtual Bridge to Freedom School, scholars participated in workshops designed to expand their thinking; from differentiated activities, grade-level Zoom meetings, to conversations on current social topics, and spiritual chats, they are learning to love learning!


Bridge to Freedom School Kick-Off






Bridge to Freedom School started with training our Y.O.U. youth and volunteers through sessions led by our program directors and our partners at City Year and MyCom Cleveland. We ended the week with a drive-through Kickoff Event. Our scholars drove through to pick up their packet of materials.


Topic: Resiliency







Our scholars discussed resiliency. They talked about the upcoming school year and the importance of never giving up, using problem-solving techniques, asking for help, and trying to stay positive and forward-focused when we face problems and challenges.


Topic: COVID-19








Our scholars discussed the Coronavirus pandemic. They discussed the definitions of virus and pandemic, and the importance of washing hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing. Our scholars also drew and decorated their own masks with words and images that are meaningful to them! We closed out our sessions today with a lesson on Ephesians 6 The Armor of God.


Topic: Voting







Our scholars talked about voting. They discussed what types of things we can vote for, where and how we vote, and why it is important to vote. Our scholars also practiced voting on different topics and counting the votes on our Zoom call.


Topic: Asset Building Club






On Friday’s our scholars participated in the Huckaby Heart Asset Building club.  The goal of the sessions was to make our scholars aware of developmental assets (Support, Empowerment, and Social Competencies) that will help them grow up healthy, caring and responsible. Discussions focused upon setting good boundaries & expectations, constructive use of time, having positive values, and being committed to learning.