Established in 2006, The Warrensville Road Community Base Center for Life is a collaborative partner of the Warrensville Road Community Baptist Church. Our mission has been to outreach and equip families through Christian education and spiritual transformation; to promote growth in relationships healthier families and stronger communication. Our programming has grown to focus on four (4) Pillars of Service to the community:

  • Save our Babies Program (help families of children from birth to 3 years of age with infant prenatal care education and essential supplies)
  • Academic learning support from elementary school to high school
  • Workforce Development and Placement
  • Human Service support for the entire family. (senior services, medical and mental health services)


We equip youth to set goals and cultivate within them the self-confidence, discipline, and determination needed to realize their individual hopes and dreams.


We help youth define and achieve their academic and career goals.  We facilitate the engagement of youth and their parents/guardians in community programs and resources that will aid in their future success.


  • Darlene Darby Baldwin
  • Carol Brown
  • Darlene Franklin
  • Carrie Joseph
  • Sara Lyons
  • Jackie Reed
  • Apryl Smith
  • Gregory Walker, M. Div.
  • Patricia Walker